Making An Impact

Young Life is active in various high schools and middle schools in the area. Young Life is making a difference in kids' lives. Here's an example of how Young Life is reaching kids: John regularly attends basketball practice at the high school where he is a Young Life leader. At first, John did not know the young men on the basketball team, but after weeks of watching practice he began to get to know who they were and exchanged a few short conversations with some of the players. One day, one of the players approached John. "You come to watch us practice a lot don't you?" the young man asked John. "Yes, I do," John said. "That's cool," the young man said. "No one does that."
Well, in Loudoun County, just like John, dozens of Young Life leaders are meeting middle and high school students every day. They make contact at games, practices, meeting at McDonalds after school, or just giving them a phone call to see how they're doing. For these Young Life leaders, building relationships and building trust is crucial when it comes to sharing the message of God's love in terms they can understand.
Making an impact takes time. These kinds of relationships are molded through hours of dedication and love. If you would like to be part of this effort, please contact  Curtis Atkinson to see how you too can make an impact on young people in western Loudoun.


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